Rural Web

Rural Web is an ICT4D community: we help each other use ICT for Development – to reach our own personal goals which leads to personal, professional and community development.

RuralWeb was initiated in 2011 during A Call 2 Action – a call on Dutch young professionals to innovate international development cooperation. RuralWeb was born from the realisation that access to the internet was improving rapidly all over the world. However, making use of the potential of that access is lagging. We believe that improving your ICT skills will help you to achieve more in life. It could improve your chances for getting a job, or improve your business revenue. RuralWeb wants to help the millions of people who want to improve themselves and their own lives. Development aid will never reach everybody. It is not accessible to everyone. ICT is or will be accessible to almost everyone. Development aid often tries to realise change by importing new ideas which need to be adopted – external motivation. ICT gives access to new ideas for anyone with the intrinsic motivation to change. The potential for ICT to contribute to ending poverty is vast and that is why ICT4D is a sector by it’s own right.


RuralWeb’s home bases consist of a website and several facebook groups and pages which facilitate the online community. The entire web is our playground however, and we promote using regular social media and connecting to existing groups. This blog is an example of our distributed online presence. We find each other by using certain hashtags, the most important of which is #Rweb (short for Rural Web and pronounced as Our Web). See the bottom of this page to learn more about join by tagging.

For Who

Rural Web was (and still is) aimed at people from developing countries and communities primarily. However, participating will benefit anybody – no matter how developed or undeveloped your context and no matter how proficient or newbie with tech. Rural Web really is for everybody interested to participate. Anybody interested in personal, professional or community development, or anybody interested in using technology more effectively. In fact, the community is strengthened by having a very diverse member base.

Join our learning

Rural Web is a community of people who love to learn and grow together. We are social – We learn in Learning Circles. We publish about our learning paths and we teach others the things we’ve learnt. We communicate non stop via all kinds of Social Media, online and offline. You grow faster if you connect, interact and engage.

Everyone is invited. If you’re online, you’re in our networks. We only create new stuff if it doesn’t exist yet. This means we will join existing groups and online networks, we will share existing learning resources and reviews. If we have something to add, or think we can do a better job – then yes, we will create. But the goal is never to reinvent the wheel. It is to use ICT – and our time – effectively and efficiently.

Find and Join us online everywhere using our hashtags: #Rweb

  • #TellmeMonday – tell us what you’re working on or trying to achieve.
  • #TechTuesday – teach us tech
  • #RwebWednesday – post about development cooperation and community building.
  • #FeedbackFriday – give feedback to others or tell us how you’re dealing with feedback you got. Tell us what you’ve learnt

Using our hashtags on your posts shows that you’re part of our community. It makes you easy to find and will expose your content to many. Use it on relevant content, not on everything. That way it works as a filter.

Rural Web’s accounts

Cheryl Van Kempen is the community’s initiator and manager. We promote using your personal accounts and using hashtags to connect. That is why below is a mix of Cheryl’s personal accounts and Rural Web accounts.