How to download Youtube Video and Audio

Since I became a youtuber I started to watch a lot of youtube videos and I often want to comment on something, or show a quote from a video that I want to link to or talk about. So I needed a way to download videos. I am editing in mobile primarily, So I’ve been using a screen recorder to record youtube while I was playing it on my screen. Unfortunately you cannot record internal audio on android. So the audio you record goes via the phone’s external audio and gets recorded really soft and distorted. And good sound quality is really important on youtube. So I needed another way to download videos.

So I searched Google and found Now, this might not be the simplest solution out there, but it does work on mobile. Or actually, If you hack wikihow’s solution, then it works on mobile as well. And I like this solution because you don’t need to install anything and if you use it often enough, it is simple enough to remember.

Here’s how it works on mobile:

  • Go to youtube and copy the URL.
  • Now go to your browser and paste the url.
  • Now look at the URL below and fix the URL you pasted to match it. Don’t change the video code ofcourse !
  • Select the video or audio format you want et voila! – Easy peasy

Next step – mixing it in with your own videos.

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