Vlogging with Recurring Items

Because I have several goals which I would like to achieve via Rural Web, I wish to communicate on several distinct topics in parallel all the time. To be able to address all these topics in a balanced way, I thought I would use what I call “recurring items”.

The names of these items double as hashtags which you can use on any social media to join the conversation or catch the attention of our network.

The recurring items are:

  • #TellmeMonday – tell us what you’re working on or trying to achieve.
  • #TechTuesday – teach us tech
  • #RwebWednesday – post about development cooperation and community building.
  • #FeedbackFriday – talk about feedback you have (been giving) for others; tell us how you’re dealing with feedback you got or tell us what you’ve learnt (feedback to yourself)

Using our hashtags on your posts shows that you’re part of our community. It makes you easy to find and will expose your content to many. Use it on relevant content, not on everything. That way it works as a filter.

I introduced my recurring items in a series of vlogs (see above and below). Unfortunately I don’t have the time at this moment to publish four films per week. So for now all my vlogs are published on Wednesdays, but I still address thr items and use the hashtags on other social media.

I have frequently seen people asking where other vloggers got their inspiration. For me these items work really well to give me an angle to look at my life or whatever is in front of me and to imagine how I can create a story, vlog or message around it. Aspecially tell me monday and feedback friday are ideal to make short talking head videos which are focussed – bringing a single message – and both easy and quick to make.

Do you use recurring items? Which ones? Why these? Which items of other vloggers do you like to watch?

My name is Cheryl. I’m Learning to vlog for Rural Web Africa
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