Vlog vs. video

I’m not sure what to call non-vlog video, so I’ll just call it video. But I’d like to write a small piece about vlog vs. video. Because I notice that a lot of people around me expect me to make video. While I really want to vlog. I want to record the things I do. I want to take you along and show you what I come across. I don’t want to work from script, because I don’t think it will become more natural and certainly not more authentic if I do. However, that I want to vlog does not mean I don’t want to make other videos as well. But I’m pretty sure I could never make a fully scripted video every week. Whereas a vlog, especially a raw vlog – really is manageable for me.

Below are two videos. The lower one is the making of for the upper one. Personally, I just don’t really like these heavily scripted videos. It just doesn’t feel alive to me. Making vlogs, I also try to avoid having to say things twice. The first recording is often the better one anyway. I just cut out all the uhms, hesitations and plain errors. With this Seepcat video however, we made endless recordings of the same story until we had the shot in one take.

I’m starting to hear noises that vlogging is not a good idea for most youtube channels, because vlogs do not result in as high follower’s growth rates as other formats. Viewers like consistency. Not only time-wise, but in every immaginable aspect. Nobody likes change, and vlogs are probably hard to make in a very consistent way. So if you want to grow rapidly, don’t make vlogs. Instead, go for entirely designed, consistent, scripted videos.

What are your thoughts? What do you prefer? Entirely scripted video, or vlogs?

My name is Cheryl. I’m Learning to vlog for Rural Web Africa
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