Earning money on youtube

The big question everybody’s quick to ask is: will you be making money with your youtube channel?

Of course I had the same question and in the past months I regularly looked into this. And although I cannot rule out the possibility that I will make money with my vlog in a far future, for now that is more a dream than anything that will happen very soon.

Youtube has put up some thresholds for monetising channels. But even without that, you need thousands of viewers just to earn a few bucks. There are much easier and less time-consuming ways to make money. Like having a regular job.

There are lots of articles and videos about how to make money on youtube. And it is fascinating to read and watch all that. But I also fet filled with dread when thinking of what it takes to get there.

For now it is just not for me. As a starting youtuber your main concern should be making clips that you love, and building a community around your self. For me that means interacting with my followers and having meaningful conversations. Heck, I actually have much bigger goals with my channel than just to make money. It’s a social experiment. I want to change the world and I need a community to achieve that. If I would make money it would need to go back into the community.

My name is Cheryl. I’m Learning to vlog for Rural Web Africa
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