A Tech & Youtube Community for Africa

I am a member of two facebook communities for youtubers. I would like to start my own community however and I have finally decided how I’ll do it.

The community I wish to build is not just for youtubers. I really wish to build a community for African Techies. So African youngsters working in web development or ICT. I know that there are tech hubs sprouting up all over the continent. I’m really interested to know what these people are capable of and to work with them.

The ICT sector offers job opportunities among other things. Rural Web always was an ICT for development project. We always wanted to be connected to tech communities, but also to teach tech to non-techies.

The idea is that more advanced tech users answer questions and help out the less techie people.

Some things I can do for example is to teach how to build websites, send newsletters, use geographic information, programming with python and other languages and learn to vlog. Quite a list.

The internet is great for finding solutions to tech problems. But sometimes it’s easier to ask a friend.

I converted Rural Web’s ICT page to a Tech and youtube community for Africa on facebook.

Join us here: fb.me/Rweb.ict

And post your own tech vlogs on #TechTuesday!

My name is Cheryl. I’m Learning to vlog for Rural Web Africa
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