Facebook Vlogging Groups review

About two weeks after having sought out the facebook groups I became a member of two of them: a Dutch one and an English one. I was worried to get flooded with messages, as apparrently both groups get over 50 messages per day. But the activity in the groups is actually not so big.

Now that I’m a member of these groups, I get lots of suggestions of facebook for similar groups.  many with thousends of members. But I think I’ll stick to the ones I found for now.

The groups I joined:


So what’s it like, to be in a facebook group on vlogging?

Well, it’s actually pretty quiet. There are a few serious posts per day, with people asking questions and putting up polls. Some people ask advice, which can be about growing their follower’s base, or it can be about solving technical problems. Others are curious about what others are doing and how they are doing and maybe just want to engage in hopes to get followers.

The weekly thread

In the Youtuber’s support group a post is put up every week to which people can post their weekly videos. A filter-by-tagging system is described, but it doesn’t look like anybody is using this system. Everyone just posts their link with a short sentence, which usually doesn’t reveal anything and is not helpful in deciding whether it will be worth for you to watch that post.

Posting your videos outside of this dedicated weekly thread is officially not allowed and may cause you to get banned from the group.  But either people don’t read the community rules, or they don’t care because enough people still spam the group.


Most activity in both groups are members posting to the weekly thread. They do this to get sub-for-sub – which means you subscribe to someone and in return they subscribe to you. The result is of course a growing number of subscribers. However, your goal should be engagement, not just having subscribers. Honestly, we only have time to watch so many videos per day. And if you’re anything like me, you really don’t want to waste you time on crap. So subs-4-subs is not something I’m interested in.

Is it worth it?

yes! I really like being part of these groups, although I can imagine I will move away from them after a while. The facebook groups I became member of are huge, but I think most members are not active any longer at all. They’ve probably forgotten they were a member and have moved on to other things.

But the active members do make it a lively place. You can find lots of inspiration: other youtubers from beginner to having thousends of subs. I have watched videos of some of them and compared myself to them. I have also been  giving feedback, to people who had asked to get feedback. That seems to be appreciated and is fun to do. I would be interested to keep following these people and see how they improve over time.



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