A new Vlogger’s Learning Path

I’m starting this blog about 6 months after having started to vlog. I would, however, like it if this blog gave an account of my whole learning process, or learning path. I will therefore backpost some articles to the dates where things approximately happened.

Before starting this vlog, I wrote tow articles about my learning path.

One of them I have backposted here: Learning to Vlog: Jan – Sept

The other one is a Google Photoalbum which I will leave as it is, because of the videos it includes. There’s no easy way to publish the videos on this vlog unless I would post them to youtube. But because they include my kids, I don’t want to do that. Have fun reading the post though: Learning to Vlog 1.

The backposted articles are listed hereunder and were loosely based on the two articles linked above:









My name is Cheryl: I’m Learning to vlog for Rural Web Africa
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