The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!

The title of this post and the first sentence are both the standard dummy text you get when registering a wordpress site at I found it fitting however, therefore I decided to keep them and to create my first post around them. For this is the beginning of a new journey: the journey to look for an adequate way to quickly publish texts in support of my Rural Web learning circle on ‘how to vlog’.

Please read this article about Rural Web to learn more about it. What is most relevant for now, is that Rural Web is a community of people who love to learn and grow together. We learn in online and offline Learning Circles – meaning that we prefer to learn together. We publish about our learning paths so that others can benefit from the time and effort we have put into our own learning.  The idea is that publishing about it will save others time and will help us internalize whatever we are learning. If time allows it, we even go as far as creating learning materials for others. Again, because it strengthens our own learning, and because it helps others. The base rule is, however, not to recreate what already exists. If there’s already good learning material out there, then just reference  it and review it so that others know what is worth their time.

Originally, Rural Web’s learning philosophy dictated that learning materials were created. The idea was that they should be published on Wikiversity – a Wikimedia Foundation project devoted to learning resources, projects and more. Creating learning materials however turned out to be more difficult than I originally thought it would be. And back in 2011 I didn’t find Wiki’s very user friendly. I took my refuge to Google sites, which are easy to create and maintain, but this too never really took off. It was all to complex to work with. So, in an attempt to simplify things even more, I find myself here at, starting a new journey – using a blog to record my learning path on “how to vlog”. Because that’s what I’m working on at this moment. That’s the tech I’m trying to master and apply to reach my personal goals. Seeing how popular vlogging is at this moment, I expect that a lot of people are interested in it and have the same questions I have. If you are, then know that you are invited: to join my learning circle – to connect and follow through all kinds of social media. To learn together, to tell your story; to share your learning path.

I intend this blog to be the most comprehensive recording of my learn to vlog endeavor. I vlog about it as well, but the time it takes to create a video does not allow to me to show and tell you all that there is to this story.

Therefore, if you’re learning to vlog and you’d like to know how it was to learn to vlog for someone else – then please follow this blog and follow me on other social media:

Youtube: Geocherylvids – channel: Learn to vlog – this channel shows a mix of my own ‘learn to vlog’ videos and videos by third persons. Drop me a line if you make How to Vlog videos yourself.

Facebook: Rweb.ICT – Follow me here, or ask and get answers to any of your ICT questions.

Good luck learning to vlog!

Stay in touch,
Change the world.


(aka Geocheryl)

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And the further he went, the longer the way home became. — C.C.S. Crone


photo from: CU2030 – a quote at Utrecht Central Station.



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