Proper Rural Web Vlogs

The videos I had released until now have been primarily about Learning to Vlog. I want my vlog to be about Rural Web however and Learning to Vlog is supposed to be only a recurring item within that theme. So from December 2017 on I tried to start vlogging increasingly about Rural Web topics. I was still searching for my ‘ voice’ in vlogging, but also how to make vlogging a more constant part of my life. The holiday season was a busy time which I wanted to spend with my family, but I also wanted to keep up the vlogging. The result is a mix & match of very different videos. One about my work – receiving a delegation from Senegal (in French), some about the holiday season, one with new year’s greetings.

I think this video represents a bit what I want with my vlogs: to show something of my personal life, but also to show what I do as an independent volunteer.


My name is Cheryl. I’m Learning to vlog for Rural Web Africa
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