Youtube Creator Academy

YTcreatorsI just discovered the youtube creator academy. I Don’t have time to check it out, maybe you have experience with it? If you do, leave a comment!

The Youtube Creator Academy is an online course by Youtube itself, available in different languages. It looks like a really good starting point for anyone who wants to start a serious channel:

Make shorter videos!

A friend gave me the feedback that my videos were too long. I had heard in several occasions already, among which during the vlogging course that most people watch a video for one minute at most. Then they browse to something else.

Until now I hadn’t really payed attention to the length of my videos. I wanted them to be short, say 3 to 5 minutes, but getting them out was more important to me than editing them to be shorter. I just had enough on my mind with the whole hassle of recording them, making a story of what was recorded, adding video overlays and all the other technical aspects. Video length was just not my priority.

But, after having had that feedback I thought, maybe I should do something with this. Maybe I do want to tell too much and I need to keep it short and crisp.

So I read a few articles

And looked at the statistics of my channel and saw that indeed people were watching only 1 to 2 minutes. So then I felt it was a waste of time to make long videos no-one was watching.

So I decided to make shorter, more to the point-videos. The plus for me is that recording now takes shorter and editing takes less time. It’s a lot harder to be informative this way, but what’s the point of making things nobody’s watching?

I gave myself the challenge to now make videos of 2 to 3 minutes length approximately. I also try to put the most engaging content and the main message within the first minute of the video. Let’s see how long I can keep up with this video length. And whether it will improve my engagement!

Did you adjust your video length to your follower’s attention span? Did it work? I’d love to hear your experience!



My name is Cheryl. I’m Learning to vlog for Rural Web Africa
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Facebook Groups for vloggers

I thought I’d check what Facebook groups exist about vlogging, because I think Facebook groups are good ways to connect and interact with people who are learning about the same thing. Rural Web’s ways prescribe however not to create something new unless it doesn’t exist yet. This also holds for online communities – if a community already exist, then join it; don’t create your own unless you have to.

So it turns out there are quite a few facebook groups about vlogging already. The trick is to find the interesting ones. I found the following handful which look promising. Others are specialised groups, i.e. for travel vloggers or beauty vloggers. I’m not interested in those, so I won’t mention them here, but once you’re a member of one group you’ll get suggestions for similar groups.

So how to choose which group to join? I made a shortlist of groups and added some of their characteristics for comparison. I don’t want to get flooded by enormous numbers of posts, so I added the number of members and posts per day, as well as whether the groups are open or closed. I will make my decision based on this information. From my experience, good facebook groups need to be moderated. A smaller community will have better quality conversations. And if a group is public, then all my friends will get notified about everything I post or like – in this case I would like to have some privacy thank you ver much.

My shortlist of interesting Facebook groups:

Dutch groups:

I joined one English and one Dutch group – the first ones of each category. I’ll keep you posted with how interesting they are.

Did you join a facebook group when you started vlogging? What does it yield you?




My name is Cheryl. I’m Learning to vlog for Rural Web Africa
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Proper Rural Web Vlogs

The videos I had released until now have been primarily about Learning to Vlog. I want my vlog to be about Rural Web however and Learning to Vlog is supposed to be only a recurring item within that theme. So from December 2017 on I tried to start vlogging increasingly about Rural Web topics. I was still searching for my ‘ voice’ in vlogging, but also how to make vlogging a more constant part of my life. The holiday season was a busy time which I wanted to spend with my family, but I also wanted to keep up the vlogging. The result is a mix & match of very different videos. One about my work – receiving a delegation from Senegal (in French), some about the holiday season, one with new year’s greetings.

I think this video represents a bit what I want with my vlogs: to show something of my personal life, but also to show what I do as an independent volunteer.


My name is Cheryl. I’m Learning to vlog for Rural Web Africa
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