What to buy when you’re starting to vlog

With a few months of vlogging experience and all the experience I now had from the first week of November, I felt it was time to buy some gadgets to make my vlogging life easier. Finding the right gadgets however turned out to be more challenging than expected.

The first microphone I bought didn’t work well with my phone. I then bought an adapter, but this again was the wrong way around! I finally bought a good microphone, only to find out that the standard camera app of my phone wouldnt use the microphone to record sound. * Sigh * So in the end I never use the microphone. It did came handy when we recorded this Seepcat Video, but otherwise I just my phone’s inbuilt mic.

Something else I bought was a selfie stick and I thought to be smart and buy a simple one, which has a shutter release button connected to your phone via the audio input. Turns out this is a feature designed for Apple and older androids and no longer works on the newer phones. Again * Sigh * and returned the stick and bought a new one. This new stick was a very good buy actually, because I chose one with tripod legs! I never use it as a selfie stick, but I use it as a tripod a lot. It can be adjusted in height which is a big plus as well. The only drawback is that it can sway for a bit when you start filming, but after a minute or so that’s over as well.


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