Back to learning to vlog

Making the video for the first week of November was extremely difficult. I had to figure out what software to use, because I had used a video camera instead of my phone and the 4K filesizes could not be edited with the apps I had. After searching for a bit and testing a few things I decided to use Kdenlive to edit. This is freeware and therefore fits my wish to use free or cheap software so that anybody would be able to replicate what I was doing. Learning to use Kdenlive was quite alright. It’s not simple software, but if you don’t want too complicated things, then it’s ok to use. It did give me some technical problems however, which were quite irritating. But I did manage to overcome them.

After the week of Novermber 1st, I continued to record vlogs while trying to edit my video(s) of that first week. The videos I was recording were mostly about learning to vlog (again), since I wanted that to be like a storyline throughout my vlogs.

During the company visits in that first week, I noticed that  I found it really difficult to actually vlog – so to direct the camera at myself and to talk into the camera. I therefore decided to apply a trick which I had applied before – I set myself a vlogging challenge with the purpose of making a homevideo. I would truly vlog for one week and see how that feels and what it would result in. I think I kept it up for one morning and quickly had enough of the vlogging. It’s not really for me, I guess. Despite that, I learnt a lot from the challenge, namely to record video from different angles and to record more what I do, than just talking heads. I really prefer that style over talking heads, because it shows a bit of my life – which was something I wanted – and is less boring. I first released the vlog to Facebook, for friends and family and then published an edited version on youtube.


My name is Cheryl. I’m Learning to vlog for Rural Web Africa
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