First week of November 2017

The first week of November 2017 was full of fun and exciting events for me and my wish to vlog about all of this was why I started vlogging about a month earlier. Despite all the preparations I wasn’t really ready to vlog about this week, and editing it all took over a month! Nonetheless, in the end, I managed to make two vlog out of the footage that I had and I might even release some more videos about this week in the future.

Something you might not yet now about me is that I work in the water sector, at the Dutch knowledge institute Deltares. I work there as a geodata expert and in 2017 I was the projectleader of a plastic recycling project in Senegal.

During the Amsterdam International Water Week (AIWW), my partner from Senegal – Mamadou Diaw – was in the Netherlands to attend both AIWW and the VIA-GO side-events. VIA-GO was organized by VIA-WATER, which is again one of the financiers of our Greening Plastic Project. A lot of organisations were also organizing side-events in the week of AIWW with the result that I had a very fully-packed week with among others the following things:

  • a vlogging course on monday
  • a VIA-GO course on tuesday – on business skills, finding funding for your project or enterprise and marketing & communication.
  • the FABFORUM on wednesday – Francophone Africa Business Forum, organised by the NABC
  • On thursday a delegation from the Mali, Niger and Burkina Faso visited Deltares with the NABC. I had organized their visit, but could not attend myself, because:
  • Also on thursday, together with Mamadou – we visited Plastic Fantastic
  • and on friday: Weteringsplastics

I made recordings every day, but found it really difficult to make real vlogs. It all resulted in two videos:

The first week of November

Visiting Plastic Fantastic

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