A vlogging course (part 2)

By the end of October I participated to the second meeting of our vlogging course.

This time we were only with 3 students and one mentor. We started with restating what we wanted to achieve with our vlogs and how we wanted to approach this. We then recapped some of the theory we had discussed in the first part of the course – namely how to tell a story in 5 shots and then it was time to practice. We were assigned to take the video camera and make our first shots while walking through our office building and getting coffee. It felt really stupid to directly vlog in Public! People were watching and ducking away. But those hilarious moments are always good for vlogs.

Despite my experience, it wasn’t easy. Not easy to vlog in public. Not easy to get direct feedback. But very inspiring to see how others are doing and what experience they bring to the table.

After this first exercise, we got the assignment to think up a story in five shots and to go and shoot it. We decided to make a little video in which we would show the use of the Deltares Nitrate App and so we went outside, and recorded the video at the pond surrounding our building. Again, people watching, commenting and asking what we were doing. But lots of fun, especially when one of us nearly fell into the water.

Finally, third exercise, an interview. Searching for a good location was a challenge – too little light, too much light, not a nice environment, too much background noise… We ended up in a bridge/hallway where again the light was not ideal, but at least the background looked nice. But then taking the interview and talking in front of the camera again were really difficult, but good to experience.

I didn’t make a real vlog of the footage we shot that day. Maybe I should still turn it into a vlog. I did record a vlog-message and posted this directly on facebook, which god enthousiastic reactions. I also included this as a subtopic in a bigger vlog about the week as a whole, as it was a pretty crowded week for me: the first week of November.

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