Learning to Vlog: Jan – Sept

Here’s my experience with vlogging until now:

In January 2017 I made the new year’s resolution that I wanted to vlog for Rural Web. I had this idea, but had other things occupying me, so I didn’t do anything with this idea until may 2017, when our communication department asked whether there was anybody interested in vlogging. I raised my hand.

In July I went to Senegal and I made a video about that trip and the project I was working on, and placed this on youtube. It turned out to be extremely useful when communicating with people who were interested to learn more about the project. Unfortunately the video wasn’t made very well due to technical difficulties and my lack of experience with video editing essentially. So the video needs to be redone more professionally. Watch the video about the Greening Plastic Project on Youtube.

After that movie I started to think more seriously about how I could make vlogging a workable part of my life. I tried to answer for myself a number of questions:

  • how I would approach it
  • what I wanted to achieve with it
  • who was in my audience and what would they be interested in
  • how would I grow my follwer base?

I also started to make more and more homevideos just to learn more about editing videos and I made a few test-movies where I talked to the camera and tried to make a vlog out of it. This was just to get an idea of what it would my vlog would look like and so I’d have something to show people if they had questions. I felt I would need permission from both my husband and my employer to start a vlog, because I would be exposing not just myself, but also the people around me; and I only wanted to do this if they’d agree. And agreement would probably only come if they’d understand.

September – our communication department organized a first meeting for aspiring vloggers. We had a meeting with two professional film/documentary makers. Here’s a description of what we did:

  • A round of introductions where we spoke of our experience with vlogging, watching vlogs, film making and photography:
    • Our vlogging ideas and aspirations (which were very diverse).
    • What movies already existed that we featured in; and
    • Which vloggers inspired us.

What I learnt:

    • That Peter McKinnon and Casey Neistat are interesting vloggers to follow
    • That Snagit can be used to make screencasts
    • That good sound is more important than good visual quality
    • That 4k is what you want to shoot in – 4K, refers to a horizontal screen display resolution in the order of 4,000 pixels. (src: wikipedia) – if not that, then Full HD (1920×1080 px) is recommended.


  • After the course I set myself to searching for interesting vloggers to follow, as an inspiration and to learn from them. It was quite hard to find anyone posting interesting content, because I’m not interested in pranksters or beauty vlogs.
  • By the end of September the vlog-announcement went online and about a week later I published the following article about my learning path:


My name is Cheryl. I’m Learning to vlog for Rural Web Africa
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