The announcement goes online

By the end of September I recorded my vlog announcement. Every youtube channel has a trailer in which one can present oneself to new visitors. This gives an idea of what the channel will be about and may help to decide whether it is worth to follow somebody.

In my trailer I announce my Rural Web Vlog, which will be about Rweb topics: personal, professional and community development, Africa, ICT4D, web development and achieving your own goals.

This was the first video I uploaded to my channel and I promoted it by sharing it on facebook groups a few weeks later. Naturally it is the video most people see as anyone who comes to my channel the first time will watch this movie.

Putting the announcement online was like start signal. I now am a vlogger and have to publish regularly. I didn’t feel I was ready for it. I still had (and have) a lot to learn. But, my idea was always to just get started and to learn along the way. That’s the Rural Web way to learn and as the Rural Web community manager it is only fitting to walk the talk…

My announcement is ‘a talking head’. A form I’m not particularly fond of, as it is quickly boring. I did add the RuralWeb outro to liven things up a bit and this should give a flavor of what my vlog is supposed to be about, namely rural development.

The reason I didn’t post the announcement to facebook immediately is that it is kind of scary to put yourself out there, like that for everyone to see and comment on. What would happen? Would there be haters? My plan was to dedicate one of my first vlogs to fear, but actually there’s much more happening in real life than I could ever capture in my vlogs. so the vlog on fear was made much later and probably needs to be redone sometime, just like the announcement.

Did you announce your vog? Why? Did you feel you had to do that? (I did) are you happy with how it turned out, or was the video quickly replaced?



My name is Cheryl. I’m Learning to vlog for Rural Web Africa
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