Learn to vlog with Homevideos

While I was still deciding whether vlogging would be something for me, I decided to gain more experience by making homevideos.

This allowed me to learn more about editing videos and videography. The only thing I did was to record more video than I normally would have. I did not make any vlogs in the sense that I did not talk into the camera. I edited the movies to homevideos to show to friends and family.

In September we went on a holiday. This was of course the perfect occasion to film a lot and to create videos. Videos with a storyline.

We drove in one day from Utrecht (NL) to Normandy (FR). I decided to make a movie of it. I made a lot of short videos along the way and added them together … And behold! A clip was born. You can view it in this Google Album: Learning to Vlog.

During the holidays I also made a lot of short video clips. I had an app at that time which would let you collect 1 second videos each day and it would stitch them together to a longer video. It gave a fun and playful overview of our holiday, although 1 second video is a bit too short to my liking. It did show me what you can do with very short videos – you do not need to record everything to give an impression of what happened, the ambience etc.

I published my holiday homevideos privately on facebook – only to be seen by friends and families. I think I will continue to make home videos next to the vlogs. It gives you an opportunity to learn and the result are fun to watch, especially years from now when they will help bring back memories.

What do you do to improve you videography skills? Do you also make homevideos to gain experience?



My name is Cheryl. I’m Learning to vlog for Rural Web Africa
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