Tryouts – making your first vlogs

When I became serious about vlogging, I decided I had to make some tryouts. So I took my phone and recorded a message in which I announced the vlog. I immediately made two big mistakes: I filmed vertically and while holding the phone in my hand. The result was shaky and in vertical and therefore inappropriate for youtube.

I had put quite some effort in creating an intro video to add to each movie, complete with theme music without copyrights. However, after having edited my movie and mixed it all together, I found the intro was too long. People don’t have a very long attention span and tend to watch only one minute of any video. You should therefore capture your audience in the first 15 to 30 seconds and it is advisable to make short videos.

For the second tryout, I put the phone on the only peace of furniture I could find which was high enough for me to stand in front of and with a relatively neutral background. These tryouts showed me I could record and edit a quick video in about an hour, even if I didn’t really use a script. It therefore gave me a good sense of what it would be like to be a vlogger – how much time it would cost me to record and edit a video and what the videos could look like.

These videos were not posted to youtube, but you can see the tryouts in this Google Photoalbum which doubles as a blog post.

What did you do to learn to vlog? What was your tryout and did you post it online?

Do you know Casey’s tryout? Tell us of any other tryouts (including your own) in the comments!



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