The Greening Plastic Project-video

In July 2017 I visited Senegal with a colleague to visit our partners of the Greening Plastic Project. I am the project leader of this innovative recycling project which is financed by VIA Water and DAWCA. In the project, we support a local enterprise (SME) which is transitioning from creating plastic tubes towards creating recycled plastic tubes for drip-irrigation systems. The role of Deltares (for which I work) is to assess whether these plastic tube do not pose any threat to the environment or to the humans who will eventually eat the produce of the irrigated land. This project allows us to pilot an innovative soil- and water quality monitoring technique – Passive sampling – in Africa.

One of the requirements of VIA Water is that we regularly post updates about the project to our VIA Water project website. So to that end we are always on the lookout for things we can post: photos and stories. And because of that, I made a lot of photos and some videos during our stay. Back at home, I started to edit them on my phone, as I was used to do with holiday videos. The result was surprising: it told a story.

The quality of that video, however, is abominably bad. Due to editing on my phone, using both horizontal and vertical photos  and video, it became a complex thing to edit and I should actually redo it..

Nonetheless, the video proved to be very useful to send to people who were interested in the project to give them a quick idea of what we were about. The video also quickly collected about 70 views, which strengthened my idea that it would be interesting to make even more videos about my work, or even start a vlog.

More about the Greening Plastic Project:



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