The idea

I find the end of the year always a good moment to reflect on what has passed and what will come; and to decide what direction to take in the next year.

In 2016 it caught my attention that vlogging had really taking off and was becoming mainstream. Kids were going to conventions to meet their favourite youtubers and youtubers were becoming as famous as musicians and film stars.

It became clear to me that through online video you could reach and engage a large audience. Something I wanted for RuralWeb, but also something I wanted to reach some personal goals.

I live and work in the Netherlands but I want to contribute to developments in Africa. For that I need ways to stay informed and connected to whatever happens on the continent. I needed to grow my network to find partners to work with. I figured that vlogging might be the way through which I could achieve all of these thing at the same time, with a single effort.

I also wanted to revive RuralWeb. I never stopped believing in its potential. Also I already had a network through RuralWeb that I only needed to tap into.

And so the idea grew that I wanted to become a vlogger.



My name is Cheryl. I’m Learning to vlog for Rural Web Africa
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